Annova LNG is a U.S. liquified natural gas export project that will produce affordable LNG with utility-grade reliability and quality.

We are backed by a world-class equity ownership group composed of strategic partners that bring deep expertise to de-risk key components of the project value chain.

Local Job Engine, Engaged Within the Community

  • At its peak, construction will require 1,200 personnel, with an average of 700 on-site jobs during the 44-month construction period, and generate a total of $324 million in direct labor income.
  • Annova LNG would support an average of 2,753 direct, indirect and induced Texas jobs each year of the terminal’s construction, with a total of $1.1 billion in labor income.
  • Once completed, the project’s ongoing operation would create 165 permanent jobs in the Brownsville community with an average base wage of $70,000.

Optimal Location, Focused on Sustainability

  • Annova LNG will be located on a 650+ acre site in Cameron County Texas along the Brownsville Ship Channel at mile marker 8.2.
  • Working with key stakeholders at U.S. Fish and Wildlife, Annova LNG has expanded its lease and shifted the project layout to establish a 185-acre environmental conservation corridor and avoid impacting over 100 acres of wetlands. Annova LNG is also supporting the preservation of off-site lands elsewhere in Cameron County that are inhabited by ocelots and has has partnered with the Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute’s Wild Cats Conservation Fund and Feline Research Program to support their important work with ocelots in the Rio Grande Valley.
  • Additionally, Annova LNG has proposed to preserve neighboring properties to further support the USFWS wildlife corridor efforts and restore and enhance over 250 acres of wetlands and shallow water habitat. These efforts would restore tidal exchange and estuarine habitat lost when the Brownsville Ship Channel and State Highway 48 were constructed and supplement ongoing efforts to restore critical estuarine habitat in the area.
  • Annova LNG designed the facility to meet or exceed state and federal air quality standards and minimize the carbon footprint associated with its LNG. Annova LNG qualified for a Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) minor source permit by selecting electric-driven compressors instead of gas-fired compressors and including a boil-off gas recovery system that captures and reuses these vapors instead of flaring or venting to atmosphere.
  • The project will utilize 405 MW of electricity from the Texas grid, which was over 30% carbon-free in 2018.
Diagram of Facilities

Among the Best Feed Gas Supplies of U.S. LNG Projects

  • Annova LNG’s unique access to diversified, low-cost feed gas in Texas differentiates it from other U.S. LNG projects.
  • Annova LNG’s feed gas header is located in Agua Dulce, TX which provides connectivity to 10 existing interstate and intrastate pipelines that access gas locally from the Eagle Ford, the Permian Basin, Katy Hub and Houston Ship Channel.
  • This competitive advantage allows Annova LNG to offer one of the best free-on-board FOB LNG prices with a lower commodity multiplier than other U.S. Gulf Coast projects.
Map of Texas

Disciplined Approach to Development

  • Annova LNG provides a simple offering to the marketplace of Henry Hub indexed FOB LNG at the most competitive price in the market for utility grade reliability and quality.
  • Our utility-grade ownership group provides unparalled expertise throughout every level of the value chain, enabling a disciplined, reliability-driven business model.
  • Annova LNG is targeting a 2020 Final Investment Decision and a 2024 Commercial Operations Date.
Chart of Project Timeline
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