Annova LNG Receives Positive FERC Draft Environmental Impact Statement

BROWNSVILLE, TX — Today Annova LNG received its Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) prepared by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for the Annova LNG Brownsville Project (Project). The issuance aligns with the estimated schedule the agency outlined in August and propels the project through another significant milestone.

The FERC DEIS said in reference to the project’s overall environmental impact, “with the mitigation measures recommended in the EIS and Annova’s proposed mitigation measures, impacts in the project area would be avoided or minimized and would not be significant.”

“Annova LNG is pleased FERC has acknowledged our proactive approach towards minimizing and offsetting the project’s environmental impacts,” said Omar Khayum, Annova LNG CEO. “Annova LNG is investing in electric motor-driven equipment to minimize air emissions, restoring former wetlands in the project vicinity to more than offset wetlands impacts, and actively contributing to efforts to protect the ocelot and other wildlife, including establishing a wildlife corridor on the project site.”

The project has modified its layout to create a 185-acre environmental conservation corridor and avoid impacting over 100 acres of wetlands. Further, the Project proposes to restore and enhance over 250 acres of wetlands and shallow water habitat. These proposed efforts would restore tidal exchange and estuarine habitat lost when the Brownsville Ship Channel and State Highway 48 were constructed and supplement ongoing efforts to restore critical estuarine habitat in the area.

“Annova LNG’s up-front actions demonstrate our commitment to the environment and to the community in which we plan to be a productive member for years to come,” said Khayum. “We continue to make steady progress,” said Khayum. “In just the past few months, Annova LNG has received its FERC Notice of Schedule and FERC Draft EIS; expanded the team of world-class equity owners to include Black & Veatch Corporation and Kiewit Corporation, in addition to Exelon Corporation; and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has resumed its permitting process.”

According to the estimated schedule FERC outlined in August, Annova LNG should receive its Final Environmental Impact Statement in the second quarter of 2019. Annova LNG estimates commercial operations to begin in 2024.

“This Draft EIS follows an extensive FERC review of Annova LNG’s application, coordination with stakeholder regulatory agencies, and hundreds of questions answered by our team of engineers,” said Khayum. “Given our efforts to minimize and mitigate our environmental impacts, including the use of electric motor-driven equipment that reduce regional air emissions significantly, we are confident that we have a project that meets or exceeds federal and state regulations.”

Annova LNG would support an average of approximately 700 on-site jobs over a four-year period. Upon completion of the facility, Annova LNG would employ approximately 165 permanent full-time workers to run and manage the plant.

About Annova LNG

Annova LNG is a 6.0 MTPA liquified natural gas export facility under development at the Port of Brownsville, Texas. With an experienced leadership team and investment-grade equity owners including Exelon Corporation, Black & Veatch Corporation and Kiewit Corporation, Annova LNG is expected to be a leader among second wave U.S. LNG projects by catering to midscale LNG customers who are buying in 0.5 to 1.0 MTPA increments. The facility would diversify the Brownsville and the Rio Grande Valley economy and provide a much-needed boost by creating thousands of direct and indirect jobs from construction through operations.

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Christina Pratt
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