Annova LNG Project Advances with Resumption of USACE Permit Review

Project takes another step forward toward commercialization

BROWNSVILLE, TX — The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) resumed its Section 10/404 Department of Army permitting process for Annova LNG, in response to the project’s timely data request submission. This resumption supports the timeline to receive federal approval by July 2019 as indicated in the August release of the FERC Notice of Schedule for the Annova LNG project.

USACE now has the requisite information to conduct a detailed review of the environmental impacts of an intrastate natural gas pipeline necessary to deliver feed gas to the project site, along with the Annova LNG terminal’s impacts, as part of its National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process. Annova LNG is in the process of securing one billion cubic feet per day (1 Bcf/day) of firm natural gas transportation from Agua Dulce to the Project site, representing the total natural gas needs for the 6.0 MTPA LNG export project.

“Recent announcements to build 2 Bcf/day of firm transportation natural gas pipeline supply capacity deliverable to Agua Dulce make South Texas a quickly evolving, low-cost supply hub with ready access to Waha, Katy and Houston Ship Channel natural gas pricing hubs,” said Omar Khayum, Annova LNG CEO.

“With firm natural gas transportation from Agua Dulce, Annova LNG will be able to secure access to a diversified, low-cost feed gas supply,” said Khayum.

Agua Dulce is the primary gas trading hub for the South Texas region. Located near the heart of the Eagle Ford producing region, the Agua Dulce gas trading hub provides connectivity to more than ten existing interstate and intrastate pipelines that can access current gas production from the Permian Basin and other regional gas producing basins.

“Resumption of the USACE permitting process that supports the FERC timeline, and securing firm transportation for the full natural gas needs of the project, strengthens our project’s position ahead of the competition,” said Khayum.

Annova LNG commercial operations is scheduled for 2024.

Annova LNG would support an average of approximately 700 on-site jobs over a four-year period. Upon completion of the facility, Annova LNG would employ approximately 165 permanent full-time workers to run and manage the plant.

About Annova LNG

Annova LNG is a 6.0 MTPA liquified natural gas export facility under development at the Port of Brownsville, Texas. With an experienced leadership team and investment-grade equity owners including Exelon Corporation, Black & Veatch Corporation and Kiewit Corporation, Annova LNG is expected to be a leader among second wave U.S. LNG projects by catering to midscale LNG customers who are buying in 0.5 to 1.0 MTPA increments. The facility would diversify the Brownsville and the Rio Grande Valley economy and provide a much-needed boost by creating thousands of direct and indirect jobs from construction through operations.

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