On the Job Hunt in the RGV

With SpaceX and other manufacturers making their way to the Rio Grande Valley we ask, will these jobs be local? Can they be local? Or will employers have to bring in employees from afar.

Fast cars, fancy dinners and a nice home, according to our current society, those are signs that one is living a decent life. Yet the numbers show a different story. The Rio Grande Valley is among the poorest in the state, and a well paying job is hard to find.

U.S. Congressman Filemon Vela says, “We live in an area with some of the highest unemployment in the United States.”

Although there are good jobs, a vast majority of valley residents are stuck in a low paying job.

“Maybe 80% of our workforce is involved in retail, trade, wholesale trade, healthcare – most of the healthcare is at the lower end spectrum, government and education,” says Pat Hobbs, with Cameron Workforce Solutions.

With the announcement of SpaceX, manufacturing companies, and potentially LNG facilities, the chance for a different employment landscape has many hopeful.

Jason Hilts, Brownsville EDC says, “There’s a lot of underemployed people, people that have a lot of skills but for some reason they haven’t been able to find jobs in their skill set.”

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